Sunday, December 10, 2006

Charge Landeryou

This blog points (1) what Andrew Landeryou and friends did at Melbourne University Students Union in the early 2000s, and (2) what to do about it - who to write to.

Under the headings of who to write to I will put further updates on what those authorities are doing currently. This is so people can see what progress is being made in the one spot.

If people need to contact this blog to update on what they've heard regarding the actions, they may on

In about 2001, Andrew Landeryou (who had been sacked as MUSU president in 1991 by a group called Students Against Corruption) began to sponsor several of his friends to win positions at Melbourne University Students Union.

Landeryou in around 2001/2 set up a company called 'Marbain' at Melbourne University. This company obtained a cheap lease from the Student Union, paid nothing for the goodwill and onsold this lease almost immediately for a profit of 1.2m, which was funelled overseas firstly to a Hong Kong bank account then out to Cyprus.

It is likely he is using these hidden funds to sponsor his lifestyle, despite the fact he is claiming he is bankrupt he is living in a paid for flat, and regularly takes interstate and overseas travel, and is not working.

To read a good summary of the Marbain and other allegations go to's excellent summary and scoll down to the story about Marbain:

Also to read the latest anti-landeryou news go to or

This transaction is being investigated by both the Carlton Police and the Fraud Squad. The tax office should also be taking an interest.

Words can't express the lowness of what the MUSU people did. When these transactions became known, a honest manager there, Graham Cornish tried to stop it. Soon, slanderous posters were distributed around campus accusing him of terrible things. Mr Cornish was terminally ill at the time. The Landeryou MUSU crowd are, quite simply, despicable.

Things might happen, but there’s always a chance that our system will let nothing happen. Concerned citizens (and its perfectly just to want to see these things prosecuted) should take 20 minutes out of their schedule, and write to the below authorities to see something is done.

If enough letters are written ar this time to the below authorities, something should happen. There has been a groundswell already - we need your help though!

Give it a go, feel free to tell others, here are the details:

Carlton Police
Currently investigating as I understand it . Seeking to get them to lay fraud charges against the MUSU crowd.330 Drummond StreetCarlton 3052
Update: -Jan07 still investigating as we understand it.

Victoria Police Fraud Squad
Also investigating, hoping they will present a brief to the DPP
Victoria Road Police Complex 412 St Kilda RoadSt Kilda 3004

Australian Tax Office
Marbain never paid any tax on its ‘profit’ , and I’m not sure about the other companies. At the very least tax and penalties should be paid.
Michael D’Ascenzo – Commissioner of Taxation
1st Floor, Casselden Place
2 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne 3000

Glyn Davis – Vice Chancellor of Melbourne University
Needs to keep up the pressure on Landeryou in the liquidation, to trace the money owed to MUSU.
The University of Melbourne
Victoria 3010 Australia
Update: -Nov06 Melb. Uni. have authorized more spending to Dean McVeigh to continue the investigation. Keep up the good work Mr McVeigh!